The current cold front sweeping across the eastern United States is yet another reminder of the instability caused by the warming of the polar regions. Volatile and extreme weather represents one of the greatest challenges of the modern age.
When Jordan’s King Abdullah II removed Prince Faisal bin Hussein and Prince Ali bin Hussein, two of his brothers, and Prince Talal bin Muhammad, a cousin, from their positions in the Royal Jordanian Army...
On January 12, 2018, President Trump added 14 Iranian individuals and entities to the list of those already sanctioned by the U.S. government.
On January 12, President Trump renewed the waivers of U.S. sanctions against Iran, keeping the U.S. in the Iran nuclear agreement. However, he asserted he will not renew the sanctions waivers when they expire in May unless Congress and the European Union (EU) address the key inadequacies of the agreement.
The age of armed drones as the prerogative of nation-states is over, and the age of widely available unmanned armed drones is at hand.