While nonviolent popular protests recently toppled long-standing dictators in Sudan and Algeria, the autocratic government in Egypt is attempting to insulate the regime for years to come
All across Europe, political groups on the far-right are attempting to mainstream and normalize their ideologies to recast themselves for the modern era
Under the Trump administration, the U.S. has unquestionably downgraded the importance of ‘soft power’ and diplomacy with respect to support for international treaties and organizations, international human rights, and the promotion of freedom and democracy
The United Nations has desperately sought to avoid an escalation of the conflict in Libya, while external states have interfered by backing both the officially recognized government and forces who are in opposition to that government.
Weeks after the so-called Islamic State (IS) was removed from its last remaining territory in Baghouz, Syria, a different kind of struggle is taking place in the squalid refugee and prisoner camps throughout Syria and Iraq