(Dis)Information Defense

Malign Information Manipulation, which is often manifested through influence operations online utilizing dis-, mis-, and/or mal-information (MDM), poses one of the fastest-growing security risks to governments, societies, the private sector, high net-worth individuals, and non-governmental organizations. With the pace of emerging technologies, including deep-fakes, cheap-fakes, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, this risk is only set to increase in the near future, and no sector or industry is exempt. Today’s Malign Information Manipulation landscape is sophisticated, diverse, and complex. More actors are utilizing disinformation and other tactics as an influence tool, and more sectors and industries are now finding themselves impacted. To governments and societies, modern disinformation campaigns threaten the very integrity of democracy and the social fabric of a state. For multinational corporations, individuals, and non-profit organizations, disinformation poses reputational, financial, operational, and in some instances even physical risk.

What is (Dis)Information Defense?

(Dis)Information defense is the ability of a government, organization, or individual to proactively defend against and respond to information manipulation online—chiefly disinformation campaigns, but also misinformation and other forms of online vitriol. Today, many online users are no longer concerned with objective truths or facts. Instead, they can act on emotion and belief. (Dis)Information defense works to evaluate and predict the impact of an online statement, piece of information, narrative, and/or campaign targeting an entity or individual. In short, if something is believable within an online audience (or a segment of the online audience), individuals are more likely to take action, either online or offline.

Products and Services

The Soufan Group combines a novel proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML)-powered software with expert qualitative analysis to provide data-driven, predictive threat monitoring, analysis, and risk assessments that help clients understand and proactively respond to the risks posed by disinformation in real-time. Emerging technology and human intelligence combine to assist clients in proactively preparing for and responding to the most consequential threats proliferating online. This approach, designed to augment existing threat monitoring capabilities and tailored to individual needs, enables clients to understand and prioritize potential threats through data-driven analysis. Clients are then strategically positioned to implement mitigating measures and an array of response options, including proactive messaging prediction and counter-messaging consulting.

We also work with you to provide investigative services into the origins and perpetrators of disinformation and online vitriol campaigns. Our experts couple forensic digital evidence with geopolitical risk assessments and historical knowledge of threat actors’ playbooks to provide attributions to state and/or non-state actors. We also deliver tailored research products and projects on matters related to disinformation, online vitriol campaigns, state and non-state actors present in this space, specific narratives and themes, and the links between disinformation, geopolitics, and terrorism.