Market Advisory

We help clients navigate new markets across the globe by recommending optimal strategies and effective operations addressing both commercial expansion and brand reputation, safety, and integrity. Whether identifying viable markets, introducing local partners, designing tailored outreach and marketing strategies, addressing emergent threats with market expansion risk assessments, or assisting with adherence to local compliance regulations, we help clients maximize opportunity while minimizing risk as they expand safely throughout the world. Our expertise is in helping clients build their networks and in understanding complex political, economic, social, technological, legal, environmental, cultural, and institutional (PESTLE+CI) issues. We are experts in national and international security, positioned to help you navigate new and evolving challenges to your operations including from terrorism, organized crime, civil unrest, and financial crime and corruption.

Products and Services

The Soufan Group offers a range of tailored professional services to organizations seeking to expand their operations to new markets, as well as those finding themselves in markets experiencing sudden and substantial volatility. With market expansion risk assessments, our experts work with you to understand new markets and the myriad risks and opportunities that may affect your business. We help clients understand new and existing risks to their businesses from the impact of armed conflict on mining operations, to geopolitical disruption of the global energy market, to rising cyber threats to digital infrastructure.

Expansion into emerging markets and the challenge of managing business operations in markets experiencing political and security volatility present evolving reputational risks to organizations. We help clients monitor and manage these risks to facilities, operations, staff, and assets. With experts in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, our global team can help you with local compliance and connect you with local partners and networksin new areas of growth and operations. We work with clients looking to expand into North America and with clients growing their operations internationally from the United States.