Security Consulting

Building on our extensive law enforcement, intelligence, and military experience, we work with clients to provide a unique range of domestic and international security consulting services. Our team of experienced security consultants works with you to deliver on both immediate and long-term security needs ranging from: crisis management; physical site security; infrastructure, logistics, and distribution protection; and capacity building. Our experts carry out comprehensive threat assessments, review organizational security policies and plans, and provide threat mitigation strategies. We are experts in terrorism and extremist violence, warfare and armed conflict, crime, geopolitics and political risk, and good governance. We work with your team to deliver tailor-made solutions to maintain preparedness, manage response, and strengthen recovery against today’s diverse and complex security challenges.

Crisis Management

Organizations must ensure resiliency against crisis incidents, whether they emanate from natural disasters, intentional human acts, or accidents. Our experts assist clients in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from any emergency, crisis, or critical incident regardless of cause, origin, or location. We work with you to identify threats and develop plans, policies, and procedures for crisis response. We can train your senior leadership and personnel, as well as develop and train crisis teams, command posts, and emergency operations centers. Through table top exercises, we can prepare your team and external partners. Our experts can support collaboration and networking with first responders, government organizations, and domestic and international security partners.

Physical Site Security

Our experts work with you to protect your facilities, staff, and assets. From securing long-established headquarters, to assessing new facilities or temporary event sites, we offer advice and preparedness for a range of security incidents. Our services address incidents arising from criminal acts, terrorist attacks, active shooters, and other forms of workplace violence. Our team conducts physical, as well as cyber and insider risk assessments, to improve a client’s risk-management capabilities, identifying vulnerabilities and offering solutions that protect both business continuity and workplace safety. We also have experience securing special events, including major domestic and international sporting and cultural events.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Critical infrastructure remains a vulnerable target of attack from a range of state and non-state actors. Our experts work with you to prevent and mitigate the risks to both physical and virtual assets. We have experience conducting domestic and international security assessments of critical infrastructure, including energy systems, electric power systems, transport nodes, water and wastewater systems, healthcare facilities, and information technology networks.

Logistics & Distribution Protection

Today’s domestic and international security landscape, coupled with geopolitical and environmental stressors, can present immense challenges to logistics and distribution networks. Our experts work with you to assess your company’s unique vulnerabilities, to identify and understand risks, and to implement effective strategies to counter disruptions to business operations. We have experience with private sector operations, as well as humanitarian operations and international crises.

Capacity Building

Our experts guide clients through security-minded internal audits and assessments, as well as external regulatory and compliance reviews. We work with clients to assess their organization’s capabilities to perform both routine and crisis missions, as well as their organization’s capacity to sustain operations or a crisis response over time. We support both private and public sector clients in executing a range of security-minded operations, including military and law enforcement operations, security details, and investigations. Our experts can review your current practices and offer recommendations to close security gaps and address vulnerabilities.