Security Consulting

Our extensive law enforcement, intelligence, and military experience; our expertise with rogue states, terrorism, and extremist violence; and our focus on geopolitical concerns, tribal conflicts, and the disruptive capabilities of weak governments—all qualify us to provide a unique range of security services, including critical infrastructure and distribution capability assessment; and review of and recommendations for improvements in standard operating procedure, physical site security, event security, and technology and cybersecurity.

Critical Infrastructure Assessment

  • Commissioned by a Gulf state government to conduct a security assessment of critical infrastructure including airports and seaports, other transport nodes, water desalination facilities, the electric grid, and information technology networks.
  • Contracted to review government and open source reporting to create threat assessment reports on government buildings, critical infrastructure, and locations designated by U.S. agencies as areas of interest.

Distribution Capability Assessment

  • Engaged to identify risks associated with the delivery and distribution of food aid in the Horn of Africa (Somalia and Sudan), and to explore alternative strategies that would help mitigate said risks. This review included briefing the UN on developing security policies associated with food distribution in the region.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

  • Responsible for the execution of numerous military and law enforcement operations, security details, and investigations, our personnel guide clients through audits, assessments, recommendations, and SOP implementation.
  • Commissioned by a Southeast Asian government to conduct a review of the investigative practices of its law enforcement agencies, and to make recommendations.

Physical Site Security

  • Provide advice to organizations on appropriate preparedness for on-site incidents; including active shooter training and preparedness.
  • Provided a security assessment for a UK corporation in four key domestic locations to improve physical and cyber-risk management capabilities in order to protect staff, partners, guests, facilities, and reputation.
  • Conducted a physical and cyber-risk assessment at client’s multiple locations, including those under construction. The goal was to improve the client’s risk-management capabilities and ensure a welcoming, productive, and mission-reflective workspace that was safe and allowed people to feel secure.

Event Site Security

  • Commissioned by a global business forum that required an independent source to review, assess, and provide assurances to businesses attending an annual conference in Ankara, Turkey. This involved a full assessment of the security procedures implemented at both the commissioning organization and hosting companies, including on-the-ground physical assessment, a review of plans and procedures, and interviews with primary event planners and security personnel.
  • We are providing ongoing review, assessment, consultation, and training for key government agencies in preparation for security requirements associated with the 22nd FIFA World Cup.

Technology & Cybersecurity

  • Provided a security assessment for a U.S. corporation at their current site and at a location under construction.
  • Conducted an investigation for a high-profile nonprofit compromised by an extremist organization that gained access to its online platform to manipulate, vandalize, and destroy content.