Specialized Training

We collaborate closely with clients, analyzing their training needs and designing specialized courses to achieve their immediate and long-term objectives. Our student-centered learning philosophy incorporates a hands-on approach to knowledge and skills acquisition, where theories and concepts taught in the classroom are put to practical use through realistic training exercises under the close supervision and mentorship of experienced professionals. We are experts in security, language, and culture—and our training courses are fully tailored to local, national, regional, and industry-specific needs and objectives.

Training Courses

The Soufan Group’s comprehensive training library, with over 75 fully developed courses, covers a broad spectrum of security-related topics, including programs for intelligence operations and analysis; general criminal, cybercrime, and financial crime investigations; major event security; physical and technical security; cyber forensics; aviation, border, and port security; critical infrastructure protection; and cultural intelligence. Since 2008, we have provided training to over 8,500 intelligence, law enforcement, and diplomatic officers, and to private sector entities from throughout the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. Our tactical training program includes basic and advanced-level courses in firearms, close-quarter battle, SWAT operations, VIP protection, and security guard operations.

Training Facilities

Our flagship training facility is the Qatar International Academy for Security Studies, a City & Guilds–accredited training center located in Doha, Qatar. Our professional institute serves to raise security standards, knowledge, and cooperation within the Gulf Region and across the globe. Clients are prepared for the complex challenges of today’s security landscape through meticulous training and innovative techniques by facilitating excellence in education and research, and by forging lasting security partnerships across countries and cultures. Our training serves multiple market sectors, including government, commercial, and non-profit. We work collaboratively with clients, often partnering with leading academic, security, and policy organizations to deliver the highest-quality education and training standards.

Language Training

In addition to courses offered through The Soufan Group’s comprehensive training library, we offer full-time instruction in Mandarin, English, Filipino, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian-Farsi, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Urdu. Following training, students broaden their skills through partner universities and language schools abroad. The language training is fully accredited by Eaquals, a leader in the field.

Cultural Intelligence

Our experts help you work effectively across cultures. Cultural intelligence training equips organizations with the tools and skills to effectively communicate and negotiate across cultures, lead diverse teams, and build strong global relationships. Our cultural intelligence training is an interactive experience tailored to address the specific professional needs of clients.