Specialized Training

We collaborate closely with clients, analyzing their training needs and designing specialized courses to achieve their immediate and long-term objectives. Our student-centered learning philosophy incorporates a hands-on approach to knowledge and skills acquisition, where theories and concepts taught in the classroom are put to practical use through realistic training exercises under the close supervision and mentorship of experienced professionals.

Training Courses

  • Our comprehensive training library, with over 120 fully developed courses, covers a broad spectrum of security-related topics, including programs for intelligence operations and analysis; general criminal, cybercrime, and financial crime investigations; major event security; physical and technical security; cyberforensics; aviation, border, and port security; critical infrastructure protection; and Arab cultural intelligence. In addition, our tactical training program includes basic and advanced-level courses in firearms, close-quarter battle, SWAT operations, VIP protection, and security guard operations.
    • Since 2008, provided training in intelligence, investigation, firearms, tactical support, and aviation/maritime port security to over 5,000 law enforcement and other personnel from four Middle Eastern countries.
    • Since 2010, provided Arab cultural intelligence training for diplomats and other government officials representing the United States, two European countries, and one Southeast Asian country.
    • Provided aviation security training for a major state-owned energy business in 2013 and 2015.
    • Since 2018, provided major event security management training for a Gulf state client.
    • Since 2010, provided training in human source development/handling, interview and interrogation techniques, protective security strategies, and intelligence analysis for several law enforcement organizations in a Southeast Asian country.
    • Provided a Sub-Saharan country with counsel and training seminars on countering violent extremism with dedicated curriculums for their heads of agencies and policymakers, agency directors, and state-level officials. This program informs their national CVE strategy.

Training Facilities

  • Our flagship training facility is the Qatar International Academy for Security Studies, a City & Guilds accredited training center located in Doha, Qatar (www.qiass.org). In addition to courses offered through the TSG training library, the QIASS Language School provides full-time instruction in Mandarin, English, Filipino, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian-Farsi, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Urdu. Following training in Doha, QIASS arranges for select students to broaden their skills through partner universities and language schools abroad.