Cyber Defense

Contemporary threats against entities or individuals in the public and private sectors often involve a cyber nexus. The Soufan Group combines the talents of expert investigators, analysts, and cyber security professionals to assess and mitigate the security, operational, and reputational challenges resulting from cyber vulnerabilities. Building on our team’s extensive law enforcement, intelligence, and policy experience responding to cyber incidents and attacks, we work with you to protect your facilities, operations, teams, and reputations from the latest cyber harm. We leverage our technical expertise, policy know-how, and trusted partnerships to provide clients with tailored cyber security risk assessments, executive cyber threat intelligence monitoring, insider threat management, digital forensics, and cyber security, network, and social engineering testing.

Products and Services

The Soufan Group works with clients to identify, assess, and mitigate the unique cyber vulnerabilities each client faces. We deliver tailored cyber security risk assessments to ensure that physical and digital assets remain safe and secure, enhancing operations and protecting reputations. Increasingly, threats to executive leadership and high-profile individuals can manifest in both the physical and cyber realms. Compromised executive credentials present a serious risk to an organization’s information technology systems and may be used in data breaches and Business Email Compromise (BEC) schemes. Our experts perform thorough surface and dark web investigations to turn up information that may be used in cyber or reputational attacks against target individuals or organizations through executive cyber threat intelligence monitoring.


We also work with you to manage potential threats emanating from within organizations. Our counter-intelligence experts are well-versed in insider threat management and can assist with the development and implementation of insider threat management programs. We partner with cutting-edge digital forensics labs to identify, analyze, and protect sensitive data across network equipment, databases, mobile devices, and other electronic mediums. Our experts will help you identify and protect against malware, to protect both security and privacy. Through cyber security, network, and social engineering testing, we assess cyber defense capabilities and incident response protocols for readiness against contemporary cyber harm.