Speaker Engagements

With our track record of identifying emerging threats and national security trends and our proven ability to provide insightful, actionable solutions before problems escalate, we are frequently asked to share our expertise and present our research.

We have spoken to representatives of national and transnational governments in the European Union and elsewhere, to the heads of training facilities in the United States and abroad, to the UN (the General Assembly and the Security Council), to congressional committees, and to the private sector, academic institutions and media organizations.

National Governments & Transnational Organizations

  • Invited to speak and provide expert testimony at numerous events including the United Nations General Assembly, the United Nations Security Council, and US Congressional Committees.


  • Provided keynote address and expert testimony at international events addressing terrorist and domestic threats, offering courses of action to address these threats.

Private Sector Organizations

  • Industry sectors invite our experts to address and inform delegates at key forums and events.

Educational Institutions

  • Universities and government training facilities regularly request our experts to lecture and discuss developing terrorist trend lines, historical terrorism investigations, and remedies developed by our experts’ experiences.

Media Organizations

  • Our experts are routinely requested to appear on national and international news entities to present their professional assessment on topics ranging from terrorism to criminal matters to geopolitical threats and remedies.