Speaker Engagements

With our track record of identifying emerging threats and national security trends and our proven ability to provide insightful, actionable solutions before problems escalate, we are frequently invited to share our knowledge and present our research. The Soufan Group’s experts engage with diverse national and international audiences through a range of speaker engagements and events. Our experts have briefed governments and international organizations, they have offered expert testimony before congressional committees and parliamentary hearings, and they have shared their insights with multilateral organizations like the United Nations and the European Union. They speak with private sector stakeholders and industry leaders, as well as with leading academic institutions from across the world. Our experts regularly provide commentary in news media, films, and television.

Connecting with Diverse Audiences

The Soufan Group has a track record of engaging with diverse national and international audiences on matters of security and geopolitics. Our engagement with governments and international organizations has included providing expert testimony before international bodies like the United Nations and before United States congressional committees and international parliamentary hearings.

As industry leaders, our experts have provided keynote addresses and remarks at major events; they have provided briefings and roundtable discussions with private sector organizations. Academic institutions and training facilities regularly invite our experts to lecture on and discuss developing terrorist trend lines, historical terrorism investigations, and lessons learned from professional experiences. Our experts are regularly invited to share commentary and analysis with national and international media organizations and have been featured in films, documentaries, and television series.


Stephanie Foggett
Director of Global Communications
The Soufan Group
Email: stephanie.foggett@soufangroup.com