Sanctions and Threat Financing

We work collaboratively with clients, their legal counsel, and relevant stakeholders to anticipate and avoid noncompliance, resolve disputes, and preserve and enhance brand credibility. Through multisource fact-finding with cross-sector expertise, we provide critical support to law enforcement, sanctions and regulatory compliance, data compliance, and privacy compliance. We are also experts in threat financing, including terrorism, criminal, and proliferation financing.

Terrorism Financing

Our experts are well versed in how terrorist actors raise, move, store, and use funds to carry out their activities. As terrorist actors diversify their funding streams, The Soufan Group keeps abreast of developments, including the use of digital currencies to finance terrorism.

Criminal Financing

Criminals constantly innovate to secure financing through legal and illicit means. Our experts can assess criminal group finances and assist private and public sector entities in devising strategies to counter illicit financial activities.

Proliferation Financing

Rogue nation-states and transnational groups seek to finance the development of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). The Soufan Group can provide governments and private sector entities with expert guidance on how nefarious actors use the formal financial system, bypass customs and border regulations, and manipulate transportation services to finance WMD development.


Our experts have worked directly on a variety of unilateral and multilateral sanction regimes, including terrorism, human rights, and proliferation sanction regimes. The Soufan Group’s experts can assist governments in devising and implementing targeted sanctions, and help ensure that private sector entities do not run afoul of United States, European Union, United Kingdom, and United Nations sanctions measures.

Regulatory Compliance

Our experts counsel public sector clients in their dealings with foreign government entities and law enforcement. Our services include counsel on compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Data & Privacy Compliance

Our experts provide diagnostics to clients requiring data regulatory compliance, assessment, and gap analysis to conform with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and United States data regulations.