Intelligence Services

Our unique combination of experience, access, and on-the-ground insight enables us to stay one step ahead, providing the most accurate and timely intelligence and analysis to our clients. We work to translate this knowledge into practical, real-world applications our clients can use to protect their operations, staff, and assets. Through tailored intelligence and investigations services, we support your efforts to anticipate crises and mitigate risks as early as possible. We bring together multi-sector expertise to deliver tailor-made threat assessments, whether for business travel, market expansion, or any situation that places your operations and assets at risk. Our intelligence services support clients looking to better understand any issue across the evolving security threat landscape, where geopolitics and modern technology can impact their business operations.

Intelligence & Investigations

We are experienced in operating in the current information and threat environment, where our analytic judgments are used by clients to proactively address evolving security challenges. Our intelligence and investigations team is composed of certified open-source intelligence (OSINT) investigators and former law enforcement and government intelligence analysts. We utilize the latest technologies and techniques to perform a wide variety of investigative services, including background checks on prospective employees, due diligence investigations into business partners, risk and vulnerability assessments of client personnel, and unmasking of threat actors. When required, we can leverage a global network of human sources to provide combined OSINT and human intelligence (HUMINT) support to business intelligence matters as well as government and non-profit-led investigations into criminal activity and human rights abuses, including violations of international law.

Geopolitical Risk Analysis

Our team works to protect your operations and assets from national volatility and international political uncertainty. We provide strategic consultancy and conduct geopolitical risk analysis at the country, region, and subregion level, addressing risks and threats to people, property, and commerce. Geopolitics, economics, and sociocultural phenomena are impacted by everything from emerging technologies and public health crises to currency fluctuations and supply chain disruptions. Through open-source intelligence, network analysis, and structured analytic techniques, our researchers help clients make sense of voluminous amounts of data to reach a decision point. Weighing risks and opportunities in a myriad of settings—from fragile states to emerging markets—our geopolitical analysis assists clients in navigating today’s domestic and global challenges.

Threat Assessments

We support our clients in anticipating crises and mitigating risks as early as possible. Our threat assessment specialists have extensive experience in red-teaming and comparative analytical methods used to monitor, evaluate, and measure a range of threats to individuals, corporations, non-governmental organizations, and nation-states. We work with clients to protect investments by understanding vulnerabilities and using empirical assessments to craft comprehensive strategies that protect valuable assets, operations, and resources. We offer dedicated threat assessment services focused on infrastructure, logistics, and distribution protection, as well as threat assessments tailored to address our client’s specific needs. We provide decision-makers with data and analyses that enhance their understanding of complex threat scenarios and afford them the clarity to protect their interests in high-risk environments.

Strategic Consultancy

Our strategic consultants work with you to understand your organization’s goals and offer tailored strategies to meet them. Our team has served clients across the public and private sectors in better understanding, evaluating, and responding to domestic and foreign policy developments, national and international security challenges, and a range of complex global economic issues. Our brand is trusted worldwide, and our advice has been used as a reliable basis for decision-making by numerous executives and managers of Fortune 100 companies.