Intelligence Services

Our unique combination of experience, access, and on-the-ground insight enables us to provide the most accurate, realistic, up-to-the minute intelligence and analysis, and to translate this knowledge into practical, real-world applications for our clients.

Our services include strategic consultancy on geostrategic threats; geopolitical risk analysis at the country, region, or subregion level addressing risks and threats to people, property, and commerce; discreet reputation risk investigation at state, corporate, and individual levels; travel risk assessment by destination and along travel corridors; cybersecurity risk assessment of existing and emerging threats; personnel investigation/vetting for both staff and partners; and independent investigation and consultative services including foreign compliance, threat review, and risk management.

Strategic Consultancy

  • Provide advice on domestic and foreign policy, standard operating procedure (SOP), transformation, restructuring, core issues, and identified threats.
  • Provided a Southeast Asian country’s law enforcement and intelligence personnel and senior leadership with analysis of global terrorism trends.
  • Briefed several European countries’ intelligence services on high-risk themes including jihadist terrorism and the rising threat stemming from violent white supremacy terrorism.

Geopolitical Risk Analysis

  • Produced a “Countering Violent Extremism” study—presented to the INTERPOL 79th General Assembly, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the European Union, the British Parliament, and the Home Team Academy of Singapore.
  • Advised a southern European government on how to address its growing migrant population and accompanying terrorism threat.
  • Provided a private Southeast Asian company with a geopolitical threat assessment during political upheaval.
  • Analyzed terrorist risk in Pakistan, with a focus on capacity, recruitment, fund-raising, and links to organized crime.
  • Researched the threats of returning foreign fighters and suggested changes in domestic and transnational policies and practices.
  • Advised a nongovernmental organization on terrorism trends in the Sahel and threats to aid workers.
  • Investigated and mapped the organized crime/terrorism nexus in North Africa and the Sahel for a multinational organization.

Reputation Risk Investigation

  • Supported a U.S.-based internet company experiencing a reputational risk related to allegations that terrorists had used their facilities. Provided the company’s cybersecurity team with threat investigation; technical assessment and strategic development; advanced risk monitoring; red-team testing; enterprise training; governance review; comprehensive information security, risk management and business continuity planning; and auditing detection and cyberalerts.

Travel Risk Assessment

  • Provided various clients with a thorough analysis of geopolitical and criminal concerns with respect to health, cultural practices, and customs.
  • Provided a Fortune 500 company with travel advisories for company executives doing business in the Middle East. The travel advisories were tailored to meet the needs of the client and took into account geopolitical concerns, terrorism concerns, criminal activity, health concerns, and local customs and practices.
  • Planned, coordinated, and supervised personal protection for a Fortune 500 executive and accompanying party traveling in southern Europe. Actions included conducting site security surveys of locations to be visited, coordination with local event security and local law enforcement agencies, analysis of local criminal and terrorist threats, and assessment of the stability of the government. The executive party received advice on how to travel safely and minimize becoming a target of crime. Due to strong personal relationships developed over many years, we can liaise with local U.S. Embassies to provide client assistance and guidance.

Cyber Risk Assessment

  • Provide comprehensive cybersecurity support—from planning and prevention to investigation, response, and recovery—to ensure that physical and digital assets remain safe and secure, thereby enhancing both company operations and brand strength.
  • Conducted a discreet investigation for a high-profile nonprofit compromised by an extremist organization that gained access to its online platform to manipulate, vandalize, and destroy content.

Personnel Investigation/Vetting

  • Deploy investigative and analytical skills to conduct thorough, discreet background investigations of current and potential employees, suppliers, and business partners.

Investigation Counsel

  • Provide investigative and consultative services including foreign compliance, threat review, and risk management.
  • Provide investigative support to private companies on sensitive matters.