Richard Barrett on CBC Radio’s The Current: What Does the Fall of Mosul Mean for Iraq?

June 13, 2014

What Does the Fall of Mosul Mean for Iraq?

The Current, CBC Radio 
Host: Anna Maria Tremonti



The al-Qaeda splinter group ISIS took Mosul after just five days of fighting, with Iraqi troops apparently abandoning their weapons and vehicles to the militants. We take a closer look at ISIS, and what this takeover means for the country.

As Iraq’s second largest city, Mosul is the most significant city to fall under control of ISIS — the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. And civilian refugees have been scrambling to get out of the way…

Reports say ISIS is stalled by the Iraq army at Samarra, just an hour’s drive from Baghdad. ISIS fighters have taken dozens of foreign diplomatic workers hostage and released hundreds of prisoners.

Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki is urging parliament to declare martial law…

To learn more about the elusive Al-Baghdadi, and the significance of this victory for ISIS, we were joined by two guests.

•   Richard Barrett is a Senior Vice-President with the security intelligence firm, The Soufan Group, and was former head of counter-terrorism for the UK’s intelligence service MI6.
•   Feisal Istrabadi is former Iraqi ambassador to the United Nations. He’s now with the University of Indiana. He joined me from Bloomington, Indiana..



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