March 25, 2020


Cyecurebox is a simple and sophisticated solution to an increasingly common and complex problem in mobile security. Advances in modern technology that improve how we live and work also present security risks for our ultra-connected world. Widely available spyware can turn any mobile device into a portable espionage tool by accessing the phone or tablet’s microphone and transmitting the sounds picked up. Cyecurebox allows you to keep your phone with you, even in the most sensitive meetings, providing the confidence that your conversations are completely private.

Up to six devices – any model of mobile phone or tablet – can be placed inside the soundproof box and connected to one of its ports. When the apparatus is turned on, it emits a low-frequency noise that blocks any conversation from potential spies. LED lights and a tempered glass top provide notification of any incoming messages, calls or e-mails, so no important communications will be missed.

Productivity depends on privacy, and CyecureBox is here to protect that.