Patrick Skinner Quoted on Voice of America: Flow of Foreign Fighters to Iraq, Syria Unrelenting

January 8, 2016

Flow of Foreign Fighters to Iraq, Syria Unrelenting

Voice of America
By: Jeff Seldin


Western efforts to stem the flow of foreign fighters to the conflict in Syria and Iraq are starting to have an impact, but would-be militants are still finding their way to the battlefront…

“It’s tapered off because it’s physically gotten harder there and nations are cracking down more, not just the U.S.,” said Patrick Skinner, a former intelligence officer now with The Soufan Group, a strategic security intelligence consultancy.

He warns it has not been enough to deter would-be foreign fighters.

“As long as people are willing to go there, they can get there,” Skinner said.  “We’ve overestimated our ability to detect and disrupt extremist travel…”


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