Flawed Policies Have Helped Terrorism Thrive

June 11, 2013

Times of Oman
By Debasish Mitra


That the United States has failed in weeding out terror is no more in news. But why and where has it failed despite its decade-long war on the scourge still remains relevant to analysts and observers. A former FBI special agent and an author Ali H. Soufan perhaps offers us the best explanation where did the United States flunk. He says, “Achilles heel of America’s policy against terrorism is its failure to counter the narratives that inspire individuals to become extremists and terrorists.”

That’s why, says Soufan, despite the skill and numerous successes of the American military, intelligence and law enforcement agencies the type of tragic events seen most recently with the stabbings of soldiers in London and outside Paris, and the April bombing of the Boston Marathon, will continue to occur. The United States has failed to use a key weapon that needs to be used.

With Soufan we cannot but agree on the fact that since 9/11 attacks the United States has been more than effective in its fight against Al Qaeda. Economic sanctions and crackdown on Qaeda’s financiers have virtually ruined the financial backbone of the outfit. The down turn in Al Qaeda’s financial fortunes is tale-telling. The organisation today is undoubtedly in its weakest financial condition since inception and its cutting edge is perceptibly…


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