TSG Report Quoted on Christian Science Monitor: ISIS Training Videos: Why Thermal Batteries Are A Threat
January 7, 2016

ISIS Training Videos: Why Thermal Batteries Are A Threat

Christian Science Monitor
By: Molly Jackson


Videos taken from a captured Islamic State (IS) fighter appear to show that the Islamic terror group’s weapons capabilities and training schools are more advanced than previously known, say military experts already concerned about the militants’ steady flow of weaponry.

London-based Sky News received more than eight hours of video from an Islamic State “university” from the Syrian Free Army, who captured an IS trainer as he traveled toward Europe. The findings are an “intel gold mine,” military advisor Major Chris Hunter told correspondent Stuart Ramsay…

An estimated 12,000 foreign fighters have traveled to Iraq and Syria, according to a December 2015 report from security consultants The Soufan Group, including 3,000 from Western countries. Not all of those fighters join Islamic State. However, the report notes that the “great majority” seem to join “extremist groups,” given more moderate rebels’ challenges in organizing and fighting effectively…


Download The Soufan Group’s updated report on Foreign Fighters here.


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