TSG Report Mentioned on The Times of India: ATS Mulls Deradicalisation of Prison Inmates in Maharashtra
October 13, 2015

ATS Mulls Deradicalisation of Prison Inmates in Maharashtra

The Times of India
By: Nitasha Natu


Mumbai: The state Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) is contemplating a deradicalisation programme in prisons to prevent extremist groups from recruiting. The ATS is also attempting to screen individuals at the local level to detect vulnerability to radicalisation by roping in community leaders…

A study on countering extremism by the Qatar International Academy of Security Studies (QIASS) and Soufan Group said Singapore has volunteer religious clerics forming the Religious Rehabilitation Group (RRG). They emphasize on the importance of moderation during meetings with detained terror suspects. The Singapore approach is clinical, with regular psychological testing and risk assessments. “But there are challenges,” said Balachandran.

In Indonesia, the government had success in disengaging Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) members in prison. But the JI found women committed to the cause and married them off to its imprisoned members to keep the latter engaged. The Indonesian authorities therefore needed to adapt, the QIASS study found…


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