TSG IntelReport: The Manchester Attack: Assessing Threats to Major Events and Soft Targets
May 31, 2017

The Manchester Attack: Assessing Threats to Major Events and Soft Targets


From Paris to Istanbul, sports and entertainment venues, to include stadiums, convention centers and arenas – often easily accessed and filled with large groups of people – have become increasingly attractive targets. While there is a history of targeting stadiums around the world, the increased prevalence of these attacks, along with new tactics, may forecast future activity that requires both public and private sector stakeholders to examine existing efforts and implement new measures to enhance safety and security.


Bottom Line Up Front:

• The Manchester attack serves as a reminder that those associated with sporting and entertainment venues – whether as employees or as visitors – should maintain awareness of the global threat landscape and ongoing targeting of public gatherings.

• The prevalence of attacks on soft targets requires a focus on assessing and enhancing plans, policies, and procedures related to physical security, from counter-surveillance and crowd control to resource deployment and incident response.

• As internal security efforts improve, venues may face increasing threats of attack at the perimeter, outside of security check points, such as ingress/egress routes and transportation hubs.

• Event planners, facility managers, corporate sponsors, attendees and others will benefit from the development and implementation of security plans that are reflective of the threat to those areas drawing large gatherings of people.


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