TSG IntelBrief Quoted on Sputnik News: Turkey’s ‘Authoritarian Descent’ Puts Pressure on NATO
May 9, 2016

Turkey’s ‘Authoritarian Descent’ Puts Pressure on NATO

Sputnik News


Ankara’s slide toward the rule of one person, President Recep Tayip Erdogan, and away from constitutional secularism is increasing pressure on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the US private intelligence firm Soufan Group said on Friday…

“A NATO member, Turkey’s recent moves toward one-man rule and away from constitutional secularism are putting pressure on the alliance,” the report stated.

The firm argued that the strong-man rule has become more appealing because of economic and demographic changes in the country…

The report continued that both the European Union and NATO find recent developments in Ankara troubling. “Given the centrality of Turkey in continental affairs, the machinations of Erdogan extend far beyond the political halls of Ankara,” the group said…


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