TSG IntelBrief Quoted on Business Insider: How ISIS Fighters Justify Their Brutal Tactics
November 24, 2015

How ISIS Fighters Justify Their Brutal Tactics

Business Insider
By: Pamela Engel


The terrorist group ISIS — aka the Islamic State — frequently twists Islamic scripture to fit its needs.

But justification for the militants’ brutality doesn’t stop with the Quran.

The New York Times spoke to three ISIS defectors from Raqqa, Syria, who worked for a female “morality police” brigade before they fled to Turkey. After they joined ISIS, they were married to fighters, who provided them with some insight into how the group defends its violence…

The strategic security firm The Soufan Group noted earlier this year that the Assad regime’s brutal treatment of civilians encourages people inside and outside Syria to support alternate groups that are fighting for power in the country, including ISIS…


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