TSG IntelBrief Quoted in Gulf Times: Jordan Beefs Up Its Border Security to Deter Militants
June 26, 2014

Jordan Beefs Up Its Border Security to Deter Militants

Gulf Times
By: Reuters


Jordanian military and political officials vowed yesterday to prevent advancing Sunni militants from crossing into the Western-backed kingdom, putting on a public show of force along its fortified desert border with Iraq.

Two helicopters hovered at low altitude above the Karameh border point, while scores of armoured vehicles and Humvees mounted with machineguns replaced the convoys of trucks which usually ply one of the Middle East’s main trade routes.

The rapid advances across western Iraq by fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) have left Jordan scrambling to reinforce a second border from the effects of conflict now convulsing two of its neighbours…

The real danger to the kingdom, however, is unlikely to be an immediate military threat.

“The fear is not that ISIL will invade Jordan – unlike Iraq, Jordan has a professional army and a serious presence along its border – but that ISIL will destabilise the kingdom through sustained attempts at infiltration and acts of terror,” the security consultancy The Soufan Group said


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