TSC Report Cited by VOA News: Suppressed at Home, Some Uzbeks Turn to Militant Islam Abroad
November 2, 2017

Suppressed at Home, Some Uzbeks Turn to Militant Islam Abroad

VOA News


Pushed by a lack of jobs and strict control of behavior and dissent, millions of Uzbeks have emigrated in recent years. Hundreds of those joined Islamic State in the Middle East, while others turned to religious extremism in their host countries …

According to a report from The Soufan Center last month, more than 1,500 Uzbeks have joined the extremist group in the Middle East, the highest number of all five Central Asian countries, all of which have provided recruits …

Since ISIS took over vast swaths of Syria and Iraq in 2014, at least 5,600 people from 33 European countries have joined the group, according to a recent report by The Soufan Group. That’s proven worrisome for Western intelligence and police officials who fear that the return of even a few well-trained and committed operatives to their home countries would set off a series of high-profile bloody attacks …


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