TSC Report Cited by The Washington Times: Homeward-Bound Jihadis
November 17, 2017

Homeward-Bound Jihadis

The Washington Times
By: Isaac Crowson


War is hell, especially for the losers. Rather than winding up in a World War II-type concentration camp, defeated terrorists of ISIS are merely gathering up their wounded egos and bloody heads and heading home. Mom might be overjoyed to welcome the return of little Jihadi Joey, but the neighbors, not so much. When reauthorizing the nation’s surveillance code, Congress must make sure that in protecting the privacy of the law-abiding they don’t overlook the dangers posed by returning fighters who have lost the battle abroad but intend to continue the fight at home.

The collapse of the ISIS caliphate in Syria and Iraq under the relentless assault of the U.S.-led coalition has sent surviving fighters fleeing the Middle East toward their nations of origin. From an ISIS army of 40,000, about 5,600 have straggled home to 33 nations, according to The Soufan Center, a Washington intelligence think tank. Though it’s their stay-at-home, self-radicalized comrades who have committed most of terror in Europe and the United States, foreign fighters with deadly battlefield skills will pose a continuing threat …


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