TSC Report Cited by Forbes: Known Genocidaires and Daesh Foreign Fighters Avoid Prosecutions in the UK
May 7, 2018

Known Genocidaires and Daesh Foreign Fighters Avoid Prosecutions in the UK


By: Ewelina Ochab


As Daesh is being defeated in the Middle East, the risk that so-called Daesh foreign fighters, namely, nationals from countries other than Syria or Iraq, returning to their home countries increases. With more than 5,000 Daesh foreign fighters originating from Europe (with 3,700 from the UK, Belgium, France, and Germany alone), there is a serious risk to international peace and security. The response to returning Daesh foreign fighters must be a priority of states’ counter terrorism strategy. Nonetheless, the response continues to raise serious concern …

In October 2017, The Soufan Group published a new report identifying over 850 individuals from the UK who have left their homes to travel to Syria and Iraq to join Daesh. According to the report, approximately 425 of them have returned to the UK. The UK has formally recognised this number and even included it in its response to the Council of Europe inquiry. In its response to the inquiry, the UK further identified that, as of June 2017, there have been 101 successful convictions directly related to the atrocities committed by Daesh. This number includes Daesh foreign fighter returnees but also individuals who have facilitated the atrocities from the UK (and are not included in the number of the returnees). The low number of convictions is cause for concern. Nonetheless, the approach taken by the UK is nothing new …


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