TSC Report Cited by Forbes: Is UK Anti-Extremism Strategy Going Towards the Russian Approach?
March 12, 2018

Is UK Anti-Extremism Strategy Going Towards the Russian Approach?

By: Ewelina U. Ochab


In February 2018, the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (the USCIRF) launched its report ‘Inventing Extremists’ scrutinising the Russian anti-extremism policies and their impact on the right to freedom of religion of belief …

In October 2017, The Soufan Group reported that over 850 people from the UK travelled to Syria and Iraq to join Daesh. This number includes over 100 women and 50 children. Over 1,172 individuals from the UK were stopped in Turkey and 106 were sent back to the UK. The report suggests that over half of Daesh foreign fighters (in excess of 425) have already returned to the UK. Furthermore, as indicated in the evidence submitted by the UK to the Council of Europe, as of January 2017, only 101 individuals were convicted for their Daesh related crimes (although there is no confirmation whether the 101 convictions are all of the returnees or also of other individuals supporting Daesh activities from the UK). The Soufan Group’s report statistics refer only to the individuals travelling from the UK to Syria and Iraq to join Daesh and the issue may also pertain other Islamist terrorist groups. …


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