TSC Report Cited by European Western Balkans: Is Bosnia and Herzegovina Really a “Terrorist Haven”?
November 13, 2017

Is Bosnia and Herzegovina Really a “Terrorist Haven”?

European Western Balkans
By: Katarina Anđelković


There are around 900 people from the Western Balkans, who have gone to fight in Syria or Iraq, out of which some 250 people have returned to their home countries – data provided by a recent report by The Soufan Center, a US-based NGO aimed at raising awareness of global security issues.

According to the report, some 250 residents of Bosnia and Herzegovina have gone to Syria and Iraq, out of which more than 100 have remained fighting and about 50 have returned to their domicile. The Balkan investigative reporting network (BIRN) reports, too, there were about 50 residents of BiH who returned from the battlefield. Similar estimations were given by Dragan Lukač, Director of the Federal Police Administration …


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