TSC Report Cited by Al bawaba News: Behind Bars, Prisoners are Radicalized
December 5, 2017

Behind Bars, Prisoners are Radicalized

Al bawaba News
By: Nadine Sayegh


It is no strange fact that prison systems across the world are culpable for producing increasingly violent criminals.

Ideological radicalization and violent extremism are no exceptions to this logic. With strong evidence to support that terrorist networks are formed in prison systems, this concern must take new primacy.

As Daesh has lost militarily, numbers of remaining fighters will seek to come home. The latest numbers from The Soufan Group places the total number of Jordanian fighters at 3000 of which 250 have returned home. In addition, another 900 remain in Syria and Iraq. This is an issue for a number of countries around the world and questions of returnee fighters will shortly be coming to the foreground – it is likely that prison sentences will be handed down …



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