TSC Report Cited by AFP News: Return Home of 5,600 Jihadists Poses Major Threat: Soufan
October 24, 2017

Return Home of 5,600 Jihadists Poses Major Threat: Soufan

AFP News


Thousands of foreign jihadists who have fled Islamic State group-held territories in Iraq and Syria could pose major security problems as they return home, a think-tank said Tuesday.

At least 5,600 citizens or residents of 33 countries had returned home as IS faced devastating assaults on territories it held in Iraq and Syria, said The Soufan Center, a non-profit security analysis group.

“Added to the unknown numbers from other countries, this represents a huge challenge for security and law enforcement entities,” it said.

IS proclaimed a caliphate in 2014 on territories the size of Italy which it had seized in a sweeping assault across swathes of Iraq and Syria.

It has since lost some 85 percent of the territories it controlled to US and Russian-backed offensives.

But despite its collapse, Soufan warned that IS or something similar would likely survive as long as the “so long as the conditions that promoted its growth remain …”



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