Susan Sim Op-Ed in The Straits Times: Indonesian Prisons as Breeding Grounds for Terror
January 26, 2016

Indonesian Prisons as Breeding Grounds for Terror

The Straits Times
By: Susan Sim and Noor Huda Ismail


As inmates in two of Indonesia’s largest prisons, Muhammad Ali and Sunakim, alias Afif, could not be more different. One broke out of prison during a riot while the other was quiet and obedient.

And yet, both died together shooting up the streets of Jakarta on Jan 14, in homage to a cause promoted by their mentor behind bars and financed by a former cellmate now fighting with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Sunakim, who was sentenced to seven years in prison for participating in a terrorist training camp in Aceh, entered Cipinang Prison on the outskirts of Jakarta in December 2011.

Unlike several others from the Aceh camp, he gave no trouble.

Still, the guards should have intervened when he became a personal masseur to fellow terrorist convict Aman Abdurrahman, a self-declared takfiri who denounced all who did not agree with his extremist views as apostate, and the Indonesian government, in particular, as evil…


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