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Critical Company Data:

GSA Schedule 84 GS-07F-065BA Category (SIN): 246 52 & 426 6 Set Asides: Small business DUNS: 963411553 CAGE Code:643HO Tax ID: 77-0682430


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R799 R408 U099 R425 B599


The Soufan Group is an international strategic consultancy group that advises governments, corporations and institutions on policy strategy, security and risk management; and trains law enforcement, intelligence, judicial, and security services. With decades of government and corporate experience, The Soufan Group combines the technical knowledge and field experience of operatives with the skill sets of consultants and the academic rigor of policy analysts, to provide unparalleled service with remarkable results for clients. We have the expertise and resources to meet and exceed the goals of our clients. The Soufan Group is an active government contractor with the US federal government, holding a Schedule 84 GSA contract.

Primary focus:

Law Enforcement
Critical Infrastructure


Security Training Program

Investigative Training
Intelligence Operations and Analysis
Professional Training
Critical Event Survival
Cultural Intelligence

Security Solutions

Cyber Security
Crisis Management
Procedures and Protocols
Major Event Security
Venue Security
Travel Security

Intelligence and Threat Assessments

Risk Assessments
Intelligence Reporting
Knowledge Management
Situational Forecasting
Venue Security
Travel Security

Past performances worldwide:


Year-Long Study on Countering Violent Extremism: TSG was commissioned to conduct a year-long study to assess methods of combating violent extremism. Our teams traveled across the world and were given unprecedented access, including to government ministers, top security officials, and convicted terrorists. Our internationally acclaimed findings were presented at the INTERPOL 79th General Assembly, held in November 2010. Team members were subsequently invited to appear before government agencies and other bodies, including the U.S. Departments of State and Homeland Security, the British Parliament, Members of the European Parliament, and the Home Team Academy of Singapore. TSG has since been commissioned to assess methods to counter the narratives that groups use to recruit.


Assess Terrorist Risk: A government client commissioned a report on terrorist groups in Pakistan on their capacity to recruit and operate outside of their borders, their fund-raising and money-laundering schemes, and other critical information. The government client used the report to shape policy and accurately allocate resources.

Gulf region

Critical Infrastructure: For a government client, The Soufan Group conducted a security assessment of a country’s critical infrastructure, including airports and seaports, other transportations nodes, water desalination facilities, the electric grid, and information technology networks. Based on the results of this assessment, The Soufan Group provided a remediation plan to close security gaps through enhanced training, technology, policy, and procedures.

Horn of Africa

Improving Food Security: An International Organization engaged TSG to help improve food security in the Horn of Africa, specifically identifying the risks associated with the delivery and distribution of food in Somalia and Sudan, and exploring alternative strategies that would help mitigate the identified risk. Our research identified various risks in several key areas, including physical risks from warlords and extremists and systemic risks from corruption and theft, and provided alternative strategies to mitigate many of them. The paper that TSG produced was used to brief United Nations officials tasked with developing security policies associated with food distribution in the Horn of Africa.

Southeast Asia

Advanced Interview and Interrogation Training: TSG has conducted several iterations of advanced and “ideologically motivated subjects” interview and interrogation training for law enforcement, intelligence, and internal security services officers for a government client in Southeast Asia. The training incorporated the latest research and advances in scientifically-backed and empirically tested tactics and strategies for the most effective interview and elicitation missions.

Multiple Clients

Cultural Intelligence: TSG has provided for multiple overseas, allied, governments introductory through advanced Cultural Intelligence seminars for foreign service and security service personnel prior to their assignment to Near and Middle Eastern locations. TSG’s cadre of subject matter experts provided an efficient yet thorough exploration of topics related to history, societies/cultures, economies, regional foreign and military policies, linguistic traits, social-situation role playing & exercises, and site visits.

Investigations Training: TSG conducted journeyman through advanced investigations training for personnel of one of the world’s largest petro-chemical companies. The training included first response to a crime or incident scene, use of latest forensic techniques & technology, cyberspace & social media evidence & forensic examination, investigative steps, evidence collection & preservation, and effective interview methodology.