Richard Barrett Op-Ed in Foreign Policy: The Islamic State’s Foreign Fighters are Coming Home
November 2, 2017

The Islamic State’s Foreign Fighters are Coming Home

Foreign Policy
By: Richard Barrett


Once again, terrorism has struck the United States — this time close to Ground Zero in Manhattan, where our current era of terrorism was inaugurated. Tuesday’s attack, of course, was nowhere on the scale of 9/11. But by showcasing the wide array of everyday objects, like trucks, that can be weaponized, and the infinite availability of targets, it highlighted just how easy it can be to commit an act of terrorism.

The more consequential question is how many potential attackers are out there eager to exploit such opportunities. And finding an answer has never been more complex or difficult than right now, as the so-called Islamic State continues to melt away and many of the thousands of foreigners who flocked to join it over the last five years begin to go home …

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