Patrick Skinner Quoted on Voice of America: US Sends More Soldiers to Iraq, But in Advisory Role
June 11, 2015

US Sends More Soldiers to Iraq, But in Advisory Role

Voice of America
By: Sharon Behn


Before his order sending hundreds more members of the U.S. military to train and advise Iraqi forces in the battle against Islamic State extremists, President Barack Obama acknowledged there are not enough Iraqi army recruits.

Facing a dangerous and nimble foe, Iraqi forces have repeatedly stumbled, ceding major cities — Mosul last year and recently Ramadi. Still, the State Department claims there is “a lot of interest” across Iraq to take on Islamic State — just not all with the Iraqi military.

There are other militia willing to confront the Islamic State’s forces, U.S. officials say…

Patrick Skinner, director of special projects at the Soufan Intelligence Group, said that notion could expand the view of whom to train.

“I think it’s almost a recognition that there is no effective Iraqi national army, and unlikely to be one in the near term,” Skinner told VOA. “It is also a tactical admission that the Sunnis are not going to be absorbed in any significant numbers into the actual Iraqi army…


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