Daniel Freedman: Lady Gaga to Obama: Read Machiavelli
June 28, 2010

By Daniel Freedman


Lady Gaga, the music industry phenomenon, is surprisingly hawkish in her views on foreign policy. In an exclusive interview, at a café around the corner from her parents’ Upper West Side apartment, she laments what she terms “the pathetic U.S. policy on Iran.”

“They support terrorist groups, ferment trouble in Iraq, and are building a nuclear bomb. And what do we do? Nothing. Not that we do anything about North Korea either. Why are we so spineless?”  With that rhetorical question, Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, throws her hands in the air, and takes a sip of water (she’s on a diet). “I mean,” she then continues, “has anyone in the White House ever read Machiavelli or Thucydides?”

These views coming from a singer whose everyday attire would probably get her kicked out of every conservative club in the country – she favors the provocative, aiming to cover the bare minimum, and often missing that goal – has me lost for words.

I manage to ask whether she feels unwelcome in Hollywood; this provokes anger. “Let’s start with your premise; I disagree with it. Influential liberals like Alec Baldwin may want you to think that celebrities are liberals, but I get a big crowd at my monthly Carl von Clausewitz reading group.”

“Group?” “Yes,” she responds, her tone now indicating that she’s getting more annoyed,” “lots of my friends. From Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, 50 Cent, and Kobe Bryant, to Jennifer Aniston, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Oprah Winfrey.” “Hold on,” I say, undeterred by the glare now on her face, “Oprah? But she’s a well-known supporter of President Obama.” “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer,” Gaga replies, “Have you not read Machiavelli?”


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