Jeffrey Ringel Quoted in The Guardian: White House Rift with Security Agencies ‘aided Manchester Bomb Leaks’
May 25, 2017

White House Rift with Security Agencies ‘aided Manchester Bomb Leaks’

The Guardian
By: Julian Borger & Ewen MacAskill


A rift between the Donald Trump administration and America’s security services contributed to a series of leaks by US officials about the Manchester bombing, British officials believe.

Although Donald Trump ordered the justice department on Thursday to conduct a review into the US handling of sensitive material relating to the Manchester investigation, UK officials blame a culture of leaks on the breakdown of normal discipline at the White House and in the US security services …

Jeffrey Ringel, a former counter-terrorism special agent in the FBI, said daily intelligence sharing with British and other foreign law enforcement agencies had been central to his job.

“The sharing of information among people who need to know is absolutely vital,” said Ringel, who now works at the Soufan Group security consultancy. “A bomb technology expert can look at a picture of a fragment and can immediately identify it. There are a group of law enforcement and military experts who keep a library of all kinds of bombs from around the world. There will be an expert who will say ‘I know that, I have seen that before’, and they will push that information to an active investigation …”


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