Jeffrey Ringel Quoted in CNBC: Global Counterterrorism Strategies: ‘Some Attacks are Inevitable’
May 25, 2017

Global Counterterrorism Strategies: ‘Some Attacks are Inevitable’

By: Nyshka Chandran


The world’s best intelligence services can’t always prevent certain kinds of terror operations, strategists warned in the aftermath of a suicide bombing that has rocked Britain just two weeks before a general election …

“This (the Manchester blast) is an example of the difficulty in tracking persons of interest who don’t commit a crime until they go operational,” said Jeffrey Ringel, a 21-year veteran of the FBI and director at intelligence firm The Soufan Group.

As ISIS loses territory in its Iraqi and Syrian strongholds, the group recently instructed international followers to stay away from the Middle East and instead, conduct fights in their respective backyards, Ringel noted, adding that Al Qaeda released a similar message …


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