Jeffrey Ringel Quoted in AFP: Secrets Among Friends: Leaks Jolt US-British Security Ties
May 26, 2017

Secrets Among Friends: Leaks Jolt US-British Security Ties

By: Paul Handley


Within minutes of British counter-terror police learning a deadly blast had struck Manchester Arena, their US counterparts were in the loop. That is how the security relationship — one of the world’s closest — is supposed to work. What is not supposed to happen, is for the information to leak …

Back in 2001, the September 11 attacks exposed a practice known as “stovepiping” — when different agencies fail to share crucial intelligence, with sometimes lethal consequences.

Since then bureaucratic walls in Washington have been broken down, said Jeffrey Ringel, an FBI agent for 21 years and now director at The Soufan Group, a security and intelligence consultancy.

The flip side is that with so many more people accessing the information, the chance of it leaking is that much greater …



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