Don Borelli Quoted on The Wall Street Journal: Prosecutors Seek to Portray Arizona Shooter as Methodical
January 11, 2011

Prosecutors Seek to Portray Arizona Shooter as Methodical

The Wall Street Journal
By: Evan Perez, Devlin Barrett and Peter Sanders


PHOENIX—Federal prosecutors are assembling a case against suspected killer Jared Lee Loughner that portrays him as a man with psychological problems who was nonetheless competent enough to plot an assassination.

Mr. Loughner appeared Monday in federal court—his head shaved, shackled at the waist and dressed in a beige jail jumpsuit—to hear the government’s charges of murder and attempted murder against him.

Federal prosecutors will try to show that Mr. Loughner planned the Saturday attack that killed six people, gravely wounded Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D., Ariz) and injured 13 others…

Don Borelli, a former counterterrorism official with the FBI, said investigators worry about lone wolf suspects because they are so hard to catch before they strike.

“In situations where you have a guy just hatching a plot in his mind and putting his rantings on the Internet, and he has the ability to get a weapon legally, that’s a huge challenge for law enforcement,” said Mr. Borelli, who now works at The Soufan Group, a global security consultancy firm…


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