Don Borelli Quoted: Package Bombs Explode at Swiss, Chilean Embassies in Rome
December 23, 2010

Package Bombs Explode at Swiss, Chilean Embassies in Rome

ABC News
By: Olivia Katrandjian


Emergency sirens rang out in Rome this morning after two small package bombs exploded at the Swiss and Chilean embassies, according to police. A similar suspicious package was sent to the Ukrainian Embassy but proved to contain no explosive material.

All three packages were sent via local mail services, according to Italian law enforcement officials. “Anarchist-insurrectionists” are believed to be behind the bombings, an official told Italian news agency ANSA. There appears to a link to package bombs sent to embassies in Athens, Greece, in November.

“This is a very violent group present in Spain and Greece with strong links between them,” the official said.

“I don’t think that this is an Al Qaeda-type plot,” said Don Borelli, former FBI Assistant Special Agent. “It sounds a lot more like an anarchist-type thing like the parcel bombs in Greece. Al Qaeda and their affiliates want a higher impact target. Targeting an embassy with a package bomb is not a mass casualty. It’s going to send a political message.”

All embassies and consulates in Rome are…


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