Don Borelli Quoted on NBC News: Loretta Lynch’s Secret Prosecutions
February 26, 2015

Loretta Lynch’s Secret Prosecutions

NBC News
By: Johnny Dwyer


The office headed by the woman poised to become the next attorney general has used an unusual method to keep many of its prosecutions hidden from the public, an NBC News investigation has found.

Federal prosecutors in New York’s Brooklyn-based Eastern District pursued cases against secret, unnamed “John Doe” defendants 58 times since Loretta Lynch became head prosecutor in May 2010. Two of the 58 are terrorism cases…

Don Borelli, COO of The Soufan Group and former assistant special agent in charge of the New York Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), believes the practice stems from the Eastern District’s proactive approach to fighting terror. “The Eastern District, number one, is very aggressive. They have a lot of experience with terrorism,” said Borelli, who is also an NBC News analyst. “I’m not surprised they’re leading the pack in some of these things.”

The real identities of defendants in other districts’ sealed cases generally become public once the indictments are ordered unsealed by the judge. In the Eastern District Doe cases, the true identities have been revealed when defendants are sentenced…


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