Don Borelli Op-Ed in Uganda’s New Vision: Security Vital to Investors
March 6, 2015

Security Vital to Investors

New Vision, Uganda
By: Don Borelli

This is my second trip to Uganda in approximately half announced that US companies are planning $14b worth of
 a year; my fifth overall. My first trip was under rather investments in Africa. The United States remains the largest unfortunate circumstances: I led the Federal Bureau of source of investment on the continent, and most of that has Investigation (FBI) team who came to Uganda in 2010 been in the oil and gas sector. However, American businesses to assist in the investigation of the bombings conducted by Al- Shabaab during the final World Cup game. So why do I keep coming back? Because of Uganda’s great potential.

I am now in the private sector serving as the Chief Operating Officer of The Soufan Group, a world class global security consulting firm. Being based in New York, I have had the op- portunity to discuss both business and security with Uganda’s forthcoming and engaging Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Amb. Kintu Nyago. At the invitation of Ambassador Kintu, I have had many meetings with Ugandan policy makers, senior civil servants, security professionals and business people. In all of these discussions there is a common theme — security is critical to the
continued economic growth of Uganda.

Uganda has taken some very positive
steps to promote economic growth. A pro-business, inclusive and democratic government is at the core of this strategy.
But Uganda has also been blessed with
great human and natural resources. The
newly discovered oil reserves have the po-
tential to transform Uganda’s economy into
a vibrant and thriving model for the region.
 As Standard Bank was quoted in Ventures Magazine on July 22, 2014, “Discoveries of East African oil and gas are well set to fundamentally transform the economies of the region as the fuel resources usher in new investment in road, rail, power and industrial infrastructure…”


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