Don Borelli Interviewed on The Daily Beast: Boston Bomber Told FBI He Was Approached by Mystery ‘Men in Suits’
April 13, 2017

Boston Bomber Told FBI He Was Approached by Mystery ‘Men in Suits’

The Daily Beast
By: Susan Zalkind


Two years before Tamerlan Tsarnaev bombed the Boston Marathon with his younger brother Dzhokhar, he told FBI agents that four men claiming to be from the bureau wanted to speak to him. The terrorist’s bizarre claim was revealed for the first time this week when the FBI released its notes from the April 22, 2011, Tsarnaev interview in his family’s cramped Cambridge apartment …

Don Borelli, the former assistant special agent in charge of the New York Joint Terrorism Task Force, said from the description of four men it doesn’t sound like they were FBI agents.

Borelli told The Daily Beast that when agents try to recruit an asset they usually approach the individual alone. Traveling in a group of four would be extremely unusual, Borelli said, unless they were there to make an arrest. Borelli also said that agents typically provide identification or a card. Though in his 25 years in the bureau, Borelli said he has seen police or agents from other federal bureaus claim to be FBI. “I saw that fairly frequently,” said Borelli, who is now an adviser at The Soufan Group. He added that people often misunderstood law enforcement to be FBI, too …


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