The Soufan Group CEO  Ali Soufan discuss the impact that releasing the memo would have on national security.
Turkish forces continue to attack Kurdish fighters in northwest Syria. The Soufan Group CEO  Ali Soufan talks with NPR's Michel Martin about how to preserve the U.S.'s relationship with both sides.
“Nobody is more devoted to his adopted country than” Soufan, a series consultant, Futterman says. “The chance to portray an immigrant from Lebanon, a Muslim-American hero, was exciting to me, particularly in this climate ...”
The Soufan Group Director, Jeffrey Ringel joins Salon to break down what Flynn’s guilty plea to lying to the FBI means for special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia interfering in the 2016 U.S. election.
The Soufan Group Director, Jeffrey Ringel joins BBC News to talk about the New York City terror attack.