President Trump issued a statement saying, “it could very well be that the Crown Prince had knowledge of this tragic event – maybe he did and maybe he didn’t!” Former FBI counterterrorism agent Ali Soufan tells Ali Velshi that the president’s statement is “the most un-American” he’s ever read.
 Ali Soufan, founder of The Soufan Group joins Ali Velshi to talk about The funerals of 40 children, killed during a Saudi-led air strike, has put renewed focus on Yemen.
The Soufan Group CEO  Ali Soufan  talks with MSNBC’s Ali Velshi  about CIA Director Nomination Hearings. 
The Soufan Group CEO  Ali Soufan  joins Carol Castiel discuss the fallout from former FBI Director James Comey’s new memoir, Moscow’s pernicious attempts to undermine US democracy and their stoking of White nationalist elements in the United States, the conflict in Syria and much more.