The Soufan Group CEO Ali Soufan Joins a Discussion hosted by The Washington Post with stars and producers of the Hulu original series, 'The Looming Tower' 
The Soufan Group's OF Counsel  Michael Masters  discusses the Florida mass shooting
 The Soufan Group Director, Jeffrey Ringel Discusses Government Security Clearances Jeffrey Ringel talked about questions surrounding security clearance procedures for White House top aides. He spoke via video link from New York City.   
Despite the intense coverage of the ongoing Russian disinformation campaigns against the United States—covered in real time by sites like Hamilton 68, which tracks Russian affiliated bots and memes—the U.S. government has done little to address the issue.
Countries face a range of challenges when addressing the ‘foreign fighters’ phenomenon: countering the ideology that drew their citizens to Iraq and Syria in the first place; properly assessing the threat of those who have returned...