Countries face a range of challenges when addressing the ‘foreign fighters’ phenomenon: countering the ideology that drew their citizens to Iraq and Syria in the first place; properly assessing the threat of those who have returned...
Iranian leaders and their policies are being challenged on a wide range of fronts, in some cases as a result of actions by the Trump Administration and in other cases by the regime’s own failings
In 2014 and 2015, the so-called Islamic State was not just the richest terrorist group at the time—it was the richest terrorist group in history—with an estimated annual revenue, according to Forbes Magazine, at perhaps $3 billion dollars.
US troops participated in anti-terror raids Thursday in the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago helping to capture four "high value targets," two US military officials told CNN.
Very few Dutch jihadists who went to join terrorist organizations in Syria or Iraq, returned to the Netherlands after the fall of the Islamic State caliphate, according to research from the Egmont Institute, an independent think tank in Brussels, ANP reports