There have been many significant battles in the Syrian civil war—Aleppo, Raqqa, Homs and Deraa, among others—yet a battle for Idlib would likely be the last—and worst
On August 1, the United States, using ‘Executive Order (E.O.) 13818, “Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption,” which builds upon Treasury’s Global Magnitsky Act authorities,’ imposed sanctions against two high-level Turkish government officials
On July 25, 2018, the Houthi rebels in Yemen attacked several Saudi ships in the Red Sea that Saudi Arabia said were oil tankers, although the Houthis claimed they were warships.
The U.S. has become an internally divided and fragile superpower, with resulting social, political, and economic consequences. In particular, the country is unprepared to respond to any large-scale terrorist attack or natural disaster with common purpose
The Chinese security apparatus is employing increasingly aggressive surveillance of minority populations in the name of counterterrorism