The Soufan Group CEO  Ali Soufan  talks with NPR's Michel Martin about how to preserve the U.S.'s relationship with both sides.
In the last week, the skies over Syria became even more dangerous. On February 3, al-Qaeda affiliated rebels shot down a Russian Su-25 fighter jet in Idlib province in northern Syria. On February 10, Kurdish fighters from the YPG downed a Turkish helicopter near Afrin
The United States military presence in Syria has been problematic for several reasons: the U.S. has tried to focus on the so-called Islamic State while nearly all other internal and external actors focused on the civil war...
The war in Syria has been raging for so long, the world has become blind to the continuing—and lately increasing—atrocities and suffering plaguing the country.
Tragically for many in Iraq and Syria, the so-called Islamic State has created long-lasting damage to the human population and the environment.