The brutal attack by an Uzbek man on innocent people walking and riding their bicycles along a park path in New York City highlights an increasing trend for citizens coming from a region of the world most Americans know little about: Central Asia.
Pushed by a lack of jobs and strict control of behavior and dissent, millions of Uzbeks have emigrated in recent years. Hundreds of those joined Islamic State in the Middle East, while others turned to religious extremism in their host countries ...
President Donald Trump was quick to respond to Tuesday’s attack in New York City—which left eight people dead—by saying he would make it tougher to get into the United States.
As American counter-terrorism officials piece together the planning behind Tuesday's terrorist attack in Manhattan and possible connections between the Uzbek perpetrator and ISIS
It took a few split seconds before anyone understood what was happening as they watched a truck pick up speed on a busy bicycle path, smashing cyclists and leaving a trail of mangled bikes and bodies on Tuesday afternoon.