Andrew McCabe, a former acting and deputy FBI director who had drawn the ire of President Trump
It’s easy to understand why Hulu would turn Lawrence Wright’s Pulitzer Prize–winning book, The Looming Tower, into a TV series. Published in 2006, his deep-dive account of the long history of Middle Eastern politics and Islamic militant rivalries that culminated in the birth of Al-Qaeda was eminently cinematic.
Police and federal agents arrested 60 foreigners in Moscow for allegedly helping people migrate from Central Asia to fight with ISIS in Syria and Iraq, Russian intelligence services announced Tuesday ... 
Much has been made of President Trump’s disregard for rules and norms—boundaries delineated by ethics and morality if not written laws themselves. But transgressing laws, rules, and norms isn’t the only way to destroy them. Another way is simply not to enforce them.
In March 2002, an FBI agent fluent in Arabic was called in to interrogate a suspect captured in a raid on a suspected al Qaeda safe house in the Pakistani city of Faisalabad.