Some American teenagers dream of a glamorous career in the FBI, a chance to shoot guns and catch criminals, but the idea had not occurred to Ali Soufan. At least, not until The X Files. “Mulder and Scully were going round the world looking for aliens,”
Despite its losses on the battlefield in Iraq and Syria, the Islamic State remains a grave national security threat, according to the Trump administration and terrorism experts.
President Donald Trump, citing "glaring flaws" in the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, withdrew the United States from the agreement on Tuesday, in effect reinstating economic sanctions on Iran and on companies that do business with it.
MI5 chief Andrew Parker warned of the continued threat of attacks on Britain from Russia and the Islamic State militant group in a rare speech outside the country on Monday.
To television viewers, he is the FBI agent who hunts down Al-Qaeda. But in real-life, Ali Soufan is just as extraordinary, a Muslim immigrant who fled war to live the American dream.