A group of four major US and European human rights and press freedom organisations, alarmed by signs of backroom dealmaking by world powers, called for a United Nations probe into the disappearance and possible murder of Saudi Arabian journalist
The US-based The Soufan Center slammed Trump's approach, saying the US-Saudi relationship 'since the ascendance of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman demonstrates the problem with basing relationships on personalities over principles.'
No one yet knows who sent improvised bombs to current and former Democratic Party leaders, CNN, George Soros, and now Robert De Niro. But counterterrorism professionals are warning—tentatively—that the incendiary rhetoric from President Trump is conducive to political violence.
Other former officials said the demotion of Mohammed bin Nayef was an ominous sign. “Letting Mohammed bin Salman push out Mohammed bin Nayef is the original sin of this relationship,” said Ali Soufan, a former FBI official who has written extensively about counterterrorism in the Middle East
Why would someone want Saudi Arabian Jamal Khashoggi dead? The former FBI agent Ali Soufan says that the journalist posed a threat to the House of Saud