Cairo Criminal Court has sentenced one of the Egyptians returning from Syria to 25 years in prison on Tuesday after being convicted of joining ISIS and fighting in its ranks.
The severely starved young victims of the world's biggest humanitarian crisis are now under threat from the worst recorded cholera outbreak in history, as witnessed in disturbing new footage filmed by ITV News.
This is the dramatic moment that Spanish police subdued a knife attacker on the border of the Spanish enclave of Melilla and Morocco on Tuesday.
Six years ago, U.S. helicopters infiltrated Pakistani air space to deposit Navy SEALs at Osama bin Laden’s compound. Storming it in the dark of night, the SEALs shot dead all the adult male inhabitants and secured the site within 20 minutes.
A new approach is needed to understand what attracts some young people to violent extremist groups such as those supporting radical Islam or far-right nationalism. Today the world is troubled by flashpoints of civil strife tearing apart countries from within and outside.