Indonesia is far from alone in struggling to adapt counterterrorism laws to fit a democracy. Proposed changes to its laws had been stuck in parliament since just after the January 2016 terrorist attack in Jakarta
More than three years after an extensive bombing campaign across the country began, inMarch 2018, the war in Yemen was designated by the Secretary General of the United Nations as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis
The fate of the 2015 multilateral nuclear agreement with Iran (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, JCPOA) hangs in the balance following the Trump Administration’s May 8 withdrawal from the agreement and re-imposition of U.S. secondary sanctions on Iran’s core economic sectors
The Trump Administration is ramping up its threats against three of its largest trading blocs: the EU, Mexico and Canada through NAFTA, and China
Before Poland joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) on March 13, 1999—along with fellow former Soviet satellites Hungary and the Czech Republic—Bronislaw Geremek, the Polish Foreign Minister stressed that Poland’s membership in NATO must not be seen as a hostile move towards Russia