Since 2011, there has been a flurry of talks held on the subject of negotiating a political settlement to the Syrian civil war, few of which have resulted in any meaningful progress toward that end
In late August, Trump administration officials cheered when Iran’s moderate president, Hassan Rouhani, became only the second president in the Islamic Republic’s history to face questioning by the country’s parliament (the Majles).
The defeat of the Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime at the end of World War Two failed to completely eradicate Nazi ideology in Germany
With the renewed vigor of the so-called Islamic State in areas north and west of Baghdad, a residual American military presence in Iraq is necessary to keep the terrorist group from staging a comeback in areas previously considered ‘liberated.’
Once again, the U.S. appears to have temporarily canceled joint military exercises with South Korea and the Republic of Korea (ROK) Armed Forces, a day after Defense Secretary James Mattis said ‘the exercises continue